CMS Evaluation and Replatforming Strategy for Engineering Client

The Problem

Our client had been using a custom, proprietary CMS to manage their global website for nearly 20 years. With a newly initiated focus on digital transformation, they decided it was time to reassess their CMS technology and carve a new path forward for their online presence.

The Solution

An engagement of this nature is where our SWIFT problem solving process really shines. Despite the urge to pick a shiny new CMS based on bells, whistles, and Reddit reviews, we started by helping the client meticulously outline what they need from a CMS -- i.e. what it had to do to help push their marketing and business strategy forward. We talked to stakeholders in marketing, sales, IT, and security to get a holistic view of their technology needs. 

Based on these insights, we were able to define a technology selection matrix that outlined ‘must-haves’, ‘should-haves’, ‘could-haves’, and ‘won’t-haves.’ This matrix became the center-point for all future considerations and decision making.

With this technology criteria in hand, we moved on to the investigatory phase of the process and created a short-list of CMS solutions that fit the mold.

After thorough investigation and analysis, Sitefinity was selected as the preferred CMS, which not only checked all of the functional requirement boxes, but also gave the client confidence in their ability to scale up and expand as their business needs matured.

To complete this engagement, we helped our client develop a detailed and prescriptive RFP to use in selecting a new web development partner. This RFP  accelerated the selection process and resulted in a new vendor partnership our client could move forward with in confidence.

Client Industry: 
Client Size: 
$458 Million
Client Employees: 
Tactics & Deliverables:
  • Conducted interviews with key stakeholders
  • Developed exhaustive technology requirements using the “MoSCoW” Assessment approach
  • Researched and assessed potential technology solutions
  • Wrote RFP for web development partner and helped facilitate vendor selection process


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