Who We Are

We are a consultancy that helps marketers do what they do better.


Our Mission

We’re a team of consultants with experience in both marketing and management who help clients figure out how to reliably and consistently level-up their marketing capabilities.

We’re passionate about helping marketers do their best work, and we bring an approach to problem-solving, process improvement, and strategy development that helps marketing teams tap into their highest potential.

If we do marketing, we can help a little; if we help marketers do their best, we can help well beyond our own reach.


The Fox Consultant

Fox Consultants are skilled and highly experienced digital marketers who approach marketing and management challenges with focus and discipline. While we all come from different backgrounds and bring unique skill sets to the team, to be a Fox Consultant means sharing in our 5 core values:


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We're problem-solvers by nature, and use any and all resources at our disposal to provide the most value.


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We're not afraid to admit when we don't know an answer. But that won't stop us from finding it.


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When we say we'll do something, we'll do it. As a trusted partner, we want you to feel confident that we'll have your back.


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Fox Consultants aren't flies on the wall -- we take pride in taking action and leading by example throughout our engagements.


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Our team always acts with integrity and professionalism. Without taking ourselves too seriously, we are very serious about our work.


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