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Structured Request

Our first step — the one agencies often overlook — is to thoughtfully frame the client’s request. This involves carefully listening to, studying, and absorbing the client’s input. We read between the lines, extrapolating key concerns that may not be immediately apparent if we were to take the request at face value. With a clear understanding of the client’s needs, we are able to concisely articulate the problem we are being asked to solve. This structured request becomes our north star for the duration of the engagement.


Working Hypothesis

Instead of starting with a blank slate as we begin to investigate solutions, we first identify a working hypothesis. Based on our experience and expertise, we make an educated guess as to what we think the solution could be. Don’t worry, we’re not simply pulling ideas out of a hat and hoping they work. We work just as hard to disprove our hypotheses as we do to prove them. The purpose of beginning with a hypothesis is to provide direction as we gather data and analyze potential solutions.


In-Depth Investigation

Our next step is to gather and organize data in a comprehensive and exhaustive manner. This is the ‘meat and potatoes’ of our engagements. While we do think we’re pretty smart, our highest value lies in our ability to discover and present solutions that are objectively sound based on research and analysis. We are relentless when it comes to ensuring our recommendations are backed by data and logical reasoning.


Functional Solution

Our engagements often culminate in strategy documentation that takes on a variety of shapes and sizes — a playbook, a roadmap, a strategic framework, etc. Our goal at the end of an engagement is to provide a clear path forward that feels accessible and actionable. We’re not satisfied by simply providing a solution to a problem. We take it a step further, outlining exactly what is needed to successfully implement the strategy we proposed.


Tactical Implementation

Our implementation managers add tremendous value to the tactical phases of a project, providing more than just project management. An implementation manager is an embedded member of the team, working to ensure the client successfully applies the proposed strategy. With experience managing cross-functional teams that include designers, developers, marketing specialists, project managers, and other critical roles, our implementation managers are best positioned to help a project reach its full potential — on time and on budget.

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