What We Offer

Fox Consulting Group helps organizations across the entire gamut of digital strategy

Digital Strategy

Our disciplined approach to strategy development will transform your marketing organization from controlled chaos to digital leadership.

Marketing Technology

We help align your marketing technology portfolio with your people, processes and goals to give your organization the leverage it needs to lead.

Marketing Analytics

Extracting performance data and uncovering actionable insights from your digital tools, we help your team stay efficient and effective by enabling data-driven decision-making.

We're Not Your Digital Marketing Agency

As a digital strategy consulting firm, our focus is on helping our clients develop the most effective path forward with their digital programs. We enter engagements in which digital problems are large and the solutions have yet to be defined — we have a saying internally, “If the client already knows the answer, then they don’t need us”

All this is to say that it’s our goal to foster strong and productive relationships between our clients and their digital marketing agencies (or web development firms). Because we don’t have a production team, we love to facilitate the execution of strategy by leveraging the talent that exists within our client teams and their vendors.