Our comprehensive assessment of your digital marketing program will not only give valuable insight into your current digital capabilities, but will also outline your key opportunities for building a best-in-class digital strategy. Unlike the common “marketing maturity assessments” you’ve seen everywhere, Fox Consulting Group provides more than just a grade or arbitrary score of where you currently are. Rather, our goal is to provide a valuable, exhaustive report for your current state, and our recommendations for the most effective next steps to start realizing your digital marketing potential.

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For Corporate Digital Marketing Teams

We help large and complex teams find clarity and establish a consolidated plan for building a digital program for the future. Our assessment surfaces all of your disparate sources of knowledge and information, and helps you to understand your current state, and your top opportunities.


For Small & Medium Business Marketing Leaders

With lean teams, every action is critical, and therefore should be intentional and rooted in strategy. With the ‘State of Digital’ assessment, we will take all of the mystery out of your current operations, and help to bring order to your marketing execution.

Digital Strategy

We look at the holistic strategy behind your digital marketing efforts, and identify key opportunities in establishing a plan that marches in lock-step with your company’s mission.

Marketing Analytics

One of the key benefits to marketing in the digital age is the ability to measure results and change course when needed. We assess your current analytics capabilities and provide recommendations for how to draw more insights from your marketing efforts.

Digital Marketing & Visibility

Do your potential customers know you exist? We help to discover your current place in the market, and highlight key marketing opportunities that will increase visibility, engagement and conversion among your target audiences.

Team Assessment

Based on the goals of your organization, we will assess your team structure and the capabilities of your people. Our goal is to analyze the gaps between your existing talent and the talent needed to support your ideal state of digital.

Marketing Technology

We will investigate and assess your existing marketing technology stack (that is, the tools you use to do your marketing work). We will identify gaps and/or redundancies to provide insights into choosing and implementing a MarTech Stack for the future.

Operations & Process

To establish and maintain long-term success, your people and tools must be deployed with an understanding of the “rules” for executing digital marketing programs. We’ll document any existing processes and/or workflows, and look for opportunities to use structure and communication to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the team’s work.

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