Consulting subscription for small business

If you’re a small business or entrepreneur looking for access to digital marketing and strategy consulting, but don’t want to break your bank to bring in an agency (who, let’s be honest, just wants to up-sell you on a ton of additional services), Fox Consulting Group is bringing our experience and expertise to small businesses and entrepreneurs like you in the form of a monthly consulting subscription.

This program gives you affordable access to our team of experts when you need it, without having to worry about hourly rates, project fees, or anything else that could stand in the way. Monthly subscriptions starting at $199 provide you the digital marketing and strategy help that fits your business and your budget.



With the starter subscription, you get:

30 minute introductory video conference

Up to 5 requests per month

Quarterly strategic review & recommendations



With the Plus subscription, you get:

Introductory web and social property audit + 60 minute review session

Up to 10 requests per month

Quarterly strategic review & recommendations



With the Full subscription, you get:

Introductory web and social property audit

Introductory strategy workshop

Up to 15 requests per month

Monthly Analysis & Insights Report

Quarterly strategic review & recommendations


Introductory Video Conference

With the Starter subscription, you are invited to schedule a 30 minute introductory video conference with your primary consultant. Prior to this call, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire which helps our team to understand your goals, your current marketing practices, your main concerns/pain points, and what you are most hopeful for in working with Fox Consulting Group. The introductory conversation will allow you to meet your consultant personally, and ask any initial questions you may have.

With the Plus subscriptions, this introductory session will be expanded to 60 minutes, and will include a full web & property audit (That is, prior to the meeting, our consultant will research your existing digital footprint, and come to the meeting with insights and recommendations for next steps).

Introductory Strategy Workshop

Full subscribers will receive a 3-hour strategy workshop session, which will be conducted either in person at the Fox Consulting Group office, or via video conference. In addition to a review of your current digital footprint, this session will allow for our consultant to guide you through the foundations of establishing your digital marketing priorities. The outcome of this workshop will differ by client, but may include:

  • Identification of website opportunities & action plan for implementation

  • Discussion and documentation of key audiences & personas

  • SEO overview & action plan for improving page rank

  • Review of conversion paths, and recommendations for optimization

  • Social Media footprint analysis & recommendations

  • Lead generation and sales optimization opportunities

  • Q & A

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Consulting Requests

Consulting requests are the bread and butter, the meat and potatoes, the … mac and cheese?… of your consulting subscription. Depending on your subscription level, you are able to submit 5, 10, or 15 requests per month — each request being sent directly to your primary consultant, and prioritized for response within 24 business hours.

What are consulting requests?

The purpose of this whole subscription program is to give you, the small business client, access to the “smarts” of our consulting team. We are here to answer your questions, provide expert advice, and help ensure you’re running your digital marketing tactics according to best practices. Some examples include:

  • Questions about digital marketing best practices

  • Requests to investigate problems or poor performance of existing digital marketing assets

  • Basic research requests. E.g. competitive analysis summary, keyword research/recommendations, channel best practices

  • Micro-audits — Requests for our team to closely examine a particular marketing asset or web property (like your website), and provide a recommendation report for better aligning with best practices.

What are consulting requests NOT? In general, ‘production work’ is not included in your consulting subscription. That is, you may not request things like web design/development, content writing/production, campaign management, data entry, or other tasks related to production. Our team always retains the right to interpret whether a request is valid as part of your consulting subscription.

Quarterly Strategic Review & Recommendations

On a quarterly basis, your consultant will perform a holistic assessment of your digital footprint, and provide an account report that includes:

  • Notable improvements over previous quarter

  • Outstanding optimization opportunities

  • Newly identified improvement opportunities

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Monthly Analytics & Insights

For Full subscribers, your consultant will provide a monthly analytics and insights report, which will include:

  • Analysis of your digital marketing data, with visualization of web traffic metrics and campaign results.

  • Summarized insights about what the analysis means and how it should be used to improve web and marketing efforts moving forward.

  • Other key analytics highlights that provide actionable information (For example: which tactics are working and which aren’t)