5 reasons you should be thinking about digital marketing

If you’re reading this, you are already thinking about your digital marketing strategy — unless of course you’re very lost and confused (in which case, here’s a link to help www.google.com). You know that digital marketing is important, but you may not know exactly why. 

Well then, here are some thought starters for why it is so important for all businesses to enter the digital marketing game!

1. It levels the playing field.

Most digital marketing tools are free or nearly free to use. Social media, email, blogging, iBooks Author — all SUPER cheap. This is an amazing fact for small businesses because it means the “cost to play” has never been lower. You are no longer limited because of expensive media buying, printing costs or distribution. Now, you are only limited by your ability to understand the new channels and use them effectively.

2. Everyone is doing it.

This is not to imply that your strategy should be defined by what your competitors are doing.  When I say “everyone,” I mean your audience! Your audience utilizes technology and digital tools all day, every day. Using traditional terms, it’s where their eyeballs are. We’ve all seen the staggering statistics about how many people are using various spaces across the internet — it’s time for your business to meet them where they are.

3. It’s measurable.

How many conversions did your last brochure drive? What was the close rate among people who saw your most recent billboard? One of the most important aspects of digital marketing is that it is HIGHLY measurable. With the right analytics solutions, you can measure anything — where your customers are coming from, what they had for breakfast, whether they like your landing page and, most importantly, what makes them buy!

4. It’s flexible.

If something isn’t working, it can be changed at a very low cost. The beauty of working online is that mistakes can be corrected, designs can be changed, layouts can be swapped. Unlike print, you don’t have to burn 10,000 brochures when your office phone number changes. This is a powerful asset because it allows businesses to act quickly and iterate (Meaning, you can start with something — even if it’s not perfect — and then systematically improve it over time).

5. It’s fun!

Ok, cheesy, I know. But seriously, digital marketing is FUN! What could be better than starting your day off with Facebook, Twitter, or blogging? The only thing more fun than implementing digital strategy is seeing the incredible results it will surely produce.

That’s it! There are countless reasons you should be doing it, but 5 reasons to think about digital marketing is a pretty good start.

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About the Author
Justin is the owner/founder of Fox Consulting Group, and a lead consultant for strategy engagements.
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