Advanced Analytics Implementation

With our Advanced Marketing Analytics Implementation service, you can tap in to vast amounts of valuable data from your website and use fact-based insights to make marketing and business decisions. We help small and medium-sized business get access to enterprise-level analytics using Google’s free analytics suite (which means you have no ongoing licensing or fees).


Real decisions require real data

Most of your competitors are making gut-level decisions about their marketing and business practices, saying things like “I feel like my website is working.” By employing advanced analytics capabilities, you can leap ahead of them by accessing real data — served directly to you based on how your users are responding to your efforts.

Cull millions of data points

One challenge of marketing analytics programs is that there are endless numbers to review, with endless interpretations. Our service culls through all of these data points and surfaces only the most important and most actionable metrics. This ensures that you’re looking at the right data in the most efficient way possible.


Affordable, No-Nonsense Implementation

For our small and medium-sized clients, we know that speed and efficiency are paramount. We take a streamlined approach to implementing analytics that balances thoroughness with customization. Our implementations start at about $4,000, and vary depending on your specific needs.


What You Get


Confidence In Your Data

Below, we talk about the tangible things you get from this implementation engagement, but the most valuable benefit for you as the marketer is having an analytics system that you trust. Too often, marketers are paralyzed by uncertainty in their analytics , and it’s our goal to alleviate that feeling, and empower you to leverage data for your business success.


Google Analytics

You may already have a Google Analytics account. If so, great! That makes this part easier — we will review your setup and ensure it’s optimized to provide you the accurate and thorough marketing insights you need.

If you don’t have an account yet, or are using another analytics program (or the analytics from your website platform), we will create and implement a Google Analytics account for you.

Goal Tracking

Chances are, there is something specific you want your users to do on your website — submit a form, download a document, signup for a meeting, or buy a product. Using analytics, we can help you track completions of these goals and attribute success to specific marketing sources (E.g. “Is social media or email marketing driving more form submissions?”)

Customized UTM Builder Worksheet

UTM parameters are critical to proper marketing attribution, and even then there are a number of online resources that help you build these tracking links, we find that clients prefer to have a tool that they ‘own’. We have developed a Google Sheets tool that will allow you and your team to create UTM tags easily, and in a consistent organized way.

Element Tags

Have you ever wondered how many users clicked a particular button? Or scrolled to the bottom of the page? Do you have a way to track the number of PDF file downloads, or tally the number of form submissions?

Using Google Tag Manager, we employ a suite of enhanced tracking tags that give you detailed access to any/every valuable action users take on your website.

Simple Dashboard

Having access to enhanced analytics is the first step — but by now you’re probably overwhelmed by the thought of having to drudge through Google Analytics to find the data and reports you need.

We have a better way!

Using Google Data Studio, we provide a customized dashboard for you that pulls your key performance data into a single dashboard. This means your data is distilled into a report that you can review in just minutes, rather than hours.

Click here to see an example of a marketing dashboard