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Bringing intentionality and purpose to your online presence

A content strategy is more than just a recommendation of keywords or navigation designs. Rather, it's the underlying framework for your website and digital properties, and serves as the foundation for any marketing material you publish on the web. Whether you need a simple 10 page website, or a dynamic 10,000 page website, you need a sound content strategy to ensure your website (and more more importantly, your time and resources) truly drives results for your business.

What makes a content strategy?

Simply put, your content strategy should function as the blueprint for your web presence. To accomplish this, we help clients: 

  • Research and plan exactly what they need a website to do (We call this 'Defining the Requirements')
  • Pull together any and all content assets that currently exist (and document those that need to be created) by auditing the current state of the website or digital property.
  • Design the information architecture that positions content to best serve the business. This typically includes a: taxonomy, sitemap, content type dictionary, and content model.
  • Visualize the strategy and architecture by developing functional wireframes.

What to expect?

The level of investment for a content strategy engagement directly correlates with the level of complexity of your business and website. For small businesses and entrepreneurs, this may be a 1-2 week project, while enterprise clients may expect a more intensive 6-8 week initiative. We can help you to understand exactly what you can expect for your business in our initial consultation.


  • Persona Research and Development
  • Content Audit
  • ROT Analysis
  • Business & Marketing Objectives Alignment
  • Taxonomy Development
  • Content Modeling
  • Sitemap & Navigation Planning
  • User Path Planning
  • Functional Wireframing

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