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Digital marketing has leveled the playing field for small business, allowing small and medium sized businesses to access marketing capabilities and reach that used to be priced entirely out of their league. It's no secret that the internet has lowered these barriers of entry, but what is still missing for many small businesses and entrepreneurs is equally accessible consulting services -- a partner with the experience and purpose to help you execute best-in-class marketing. Our consultants have years of experience helping enterprise clients become leaders in their industries, and now we've distilled that knowledge into a set of focused, affordable packages that can help set your business up for success.

If you're a small or medium-sized business, and are looking to jump start your digital marketing program with confidence, our team would love to help. Check out our pre-defined services below, or contact us if you're looking for something a little different.

Starting at $899

If you run a business with an online presence, having rich marketing analytics can be a game changer in terms of how/where you spend your time, energy, and budget. Knowing where your users are coming from, what they're doing on your site, and most importantly what they're buying allows you to optimize your marketing and sales activities and improve your results. With our new Jump Start service, we have designed a quick, efficient and affordable process for small businesses to install or optimize an existing Google Analytics installation, and start pulling the right data and insights from their digital businesses.

Analytics Audit w/ Findings Report
2 Week Delivery Time
Beginning to End Google Analytics
Implementation and/or Optimization
On-Page Event Tracking for Navigation
and up to 3 call-to-action elements
1 Multi-Page Analytics Dashboard
Enhanced Ecommerce adds $299 & 1 week
to the project
30 days of Support and Troubleshooting
Note: Certain non-standard web platforms may affect price and timing. Your consultant will inform you if this is the case upon first review.

Starting at $599

Whether you work with an outside social media agency, or manage your own social platforms, a playbook that is rooted in your business strategy is a critical component to success. We work with our clients to fully understand their business, expectations, and ideal customers, and tailor a social media playbook specifically for their goals. Our playbook establishes the best-practice platform you need to plan and execute your social media strategy and tactics.

In-person or virtual discovery session
Budget allocation for paid social tactics
if applicable.
Up to 3 persona profiles
Community management & 
social listening guidelines
Content strategy overview for
each social channel
Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and
Quarterly operations framework
Publishing checklist for each
social channel
30 days of support & coaching as needed

Starting at $899

Your website is the core of your online business, and should be the most powerful business and marketing tool in your arsenal. Unfortunately, many small businesses are stuck with a website that simply takes up (digital) space, but doesn't add any value. We think the most important part of a web development project is the content strategy -- the backbone and framework upon which your website is built.

In-person or virtual
discovery session
Content Model for CMS
Up to 3 persona profiles
Home & Site Section Page Wireframes
Conversion Path Planning
Web technology & CMS 
Direction & Recommendations
Sitemap & Taxonomy
30 days of support & coaching

Starting at $1,499*

If you feel like you need help with a little bit of everything, and are looking for an expert to help you build a plan of attack for your entire digital marketing effort, this option is for you! Your consultant will work with you to assess your place in the market, your audience personas and your business goals, and craft a plan to help you start executing digital marketing initiatives with confidence.

SEO Strategy
Marketing Operations Direction
Marketing Automation and
Email Strategy
Marketing Technology Consulting
Social Media Strategy
Paid Digital Advertising

We See You

Small business owners and marketers are ambitious, tenacious, and incredibly resourceful. You may not have the budgets of large corporations or armies of dedicated marketing teams to execute your marketing plans, but what you lack in resources, you make up for in resourcefulness. We're constantly impressed with our small business clients when we learn the lengths they've gone to to address their marketing needs.
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