Agency Advocate

We don't replace your agency. We help you get the most value out of your relationships.

Imagine a scenario in which you've just gotten approval to spend $1 million on a digital transformation project -- a new website, a CRM upgrade, a digital experience overhaul, etc. This approval means you get to be a part of creating something new that changes the course of your business.

However, we've seen from both sides of the fence (agency and client-side) how much risk this can expose you to. You're about to enter into a relationship with an outside agency -- possibly multiple agencies. Chances are, unless you have extensive connections in the industry, you will be seeking to start a relationship from scratch. That means dealing with new people, new cultures, new processes, and new jargon.

We have years of experience working with (and for) digital agencies and we know that these relationships are not always easy to manage. 

We will translate the jargon, set expectations, and most importantly, make sure that you (the client) get the best possible results for your investments. 

As your advocate, we can help you:
  • Audit your current marketing technology investments to ensure you're getting the most for your money (for example, that proprietary platform your agency is running ads on may not be worth the premium pricetag)
  • Develop an RFP for large projects that attracts the right types of partners
  • Help review and select your digital / technology partner
  • Develop a roadmap for project plans
  • Translate industry jargon, and ensure constant quality communicationIdentify red flags that put you at risk
  • Obtain an objective 3rd party opinion about recommendations or proposals
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Don't need a retainer or have a formal project, but need some serious advice? In-person, online, phone consultation sessions billed at $215/hour.
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