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Case Study – Marketing Analytics Strategy for Healthcare System

A leading healthcare system in Michigan approached Fox Consulting Group to help support the development and execution of a system-wide marketing analytics strategy. While they had access to basic “stats” in Google Analytics, they knew that there was a whole world of insights below the surface of their web properties just waiting to be brought to life and positioned to help drive marketing decisions.

Google Tag Manager Framework & Implementation

The client’s web presence was quite complex — with multiple domains and subdomains that all supported a single user experience. To enable the high level of marketing analytics needed, the first step was to plan and implement a tag management strategy that would allow analytics capabilities to be deployed either globally (across all domains) or locally (at the domain or subdomain level) from a single location.

Fox Consulting Group helped the client to visualize and design a Google Tag Manager solution that not only met the requirements for tagging, but did so in a clean, organized, and scalable way. The tag management system was set set up and deployed to grow with the website, and allow for fast, efficient, and consistent updates to the marketing analytics implementation.

Google Analytics Strategy & Configuration

With the Google Tag Manager system implemented, the Google Analytics account also required an overhaul to enable the comprehensive set of marketing analytics features. As the analytics tool of record, Google Analytics had to be implemented to bring to light the most critical KPIs for the organization — not just pageviews and events, but rather metrics like Appointments Scheduled, patient portal logins & activity, online payments, and other online conversions used to indicate marketing and user experience success.

Our team partnered with internal analytics specialists to design and implemet a Google Analytics configuration that allowed all of these valuable and actionable metrics to be reported, and used to drive marketing decisions.


As an organization with dozens of unique business units and specialties, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to reporting marketing performance. For each facet of the organization, a unique, customized approach to marketing analytics reporting had to be taken.

Additionally, the valuable data enabled through Google Analytics had to be surfaced in a way that was understandable and actionable by the entire marketing and leadership team (largely made up of non-analysts).

To meet this need, our team worked to develop an expansive suite of dashboards using Google Data Studio that provided a unique look at the marketing data specific to individual business units and their marketing representative. The result was a department-wide transformation of a marketing group that had previously had no access to marketing data to one that was building campaigns and initiatives with data-driven insights at the center of the strategy development process.

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