Website Content Strategy for Building Management Client

The Problem

Our client, a leader in the LED lighting industry for more than 15 years, had made some major advancements in their product offering that allowed them to expand their business beyond LED lighting solutions to provide full-scale smart building management. With the operational technology in place, they were looking to reposition their brand online. They reached out to us to reevaluate their website and provide a content strategy that prioritized their new position in the market and clearly communicated their full suite of smart building management solutions.

The Solution

Following our SWIFT problem solving process, we met with internal decision makers to better understand their needs, helping them narrow in on what specifically they were looking to achieve. We interviewed key stakeholders ranging from subject matter experts to C-suite executives to better understand the gaps that existed in their current online presence. We also performed a content audit of their site to ensure our proposed solution accounted for all relevant content that already existed. In addition to gaining an understanding of their current web presence, we also dug into the specifics of building management technology to better understand the nuances of the industry.

As a result of these findings, we developed a working hypothesis. Based on the feedback we received in the stakeholder interviews and what we uncovered during the content audit, we narrowed in on the primary objective of the site and refined their marketing personas, attaching concrete web goals to each segment of their target audience. From there we established a comprehensive and exhaustive list of content types, explicitly calling out new content that would need to be created to fill in the gaps. In this instance, we proposed quite a bit of new content and worked hard to ensure the client was fully aware of the amount of content creation this revised strategy would require and why it was necessary based on their objective.

To test the effectiveness of our information architecture documentation, we mapped out user journeys and walked the client through a series of conversion paths related to the web goals we identified toward the beginning of the project. Doing so validates our recommendation and ensures both parties are putting the needs of the user first. Once we confirmed the user journeys lined up with the technical documentation, we were able to create functional wireframes that helped the client visualize the content strategy and better understand more complex elements of the content model such as COPE (create once, publish everywhere) content. These wireframes served as a blueprint for the client’s design and development team as we handed off the content strategy, passing the baton to the client for implementation.

At the end of the day, we provided a content strategy that takes into account the full spectrum of users interacting with the brand online, ensuring they can navigate the site in an intuitive way that meets their needs, setting the client up for better on-page engagement and increased site conversions.

Client Industry: 
Building Management
Client Size: 
Client Employees: 
Tactics & Deliverables:
  • Conducted interviews with key stakeholders
  • Conducted a content audit
  • Determined the primary objective and identified the target audience
  • Outlined a comprehensive and exhaustive list of content types
  • Established user journeys and outlined conversion paths
  • Created information architecture documentation for the development team including a taxonomy, content model and sitemap
  • Developed functional wireframes for key pages, ensuring the integrity of the proposed content strategy remained intact during implementation


What They're Saying

The strategic direction Fox provided was spot on and exactly what was needed to move us forward as a more focused and progressive technology brand. Fox turned a daunting task into something much more manageable and actually fun.

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