Digital Strategy for Auto Manufacturer

Our client — a 100-year-old automotive technology manufacturer — was in the midst of planning a company reorganization and spin-off initiative that would result in two independent and autonomous companies. To support the effort, Fox Consulting Group was brought in to help establish a digital brand presence and set the company in the right direction with digital and web strategy.
Web & Content Strategy

First and foremost, the client needed to completely re-imagine their presence on the web. Starting with target audience research, we helped to define the 5 personas that would be at the center of any/all future digital marketing efforts. With these audience groups in mind, we crafted a content strategy for their new website, which included information architecture, technical SEO strategy, conversion path planning and overarching user experience direction. To effectively tell the new brand story, the website had to be both simple and information-rich; clean and de-cluttered, but also engaging and interesting.

In an accelerated 2 month project timeline, the client’s website was researched, planned, and launched. Within 1 day of launch, Organic Search traffic had grown from 0 to roughly 6% of overall traffic. Over the next 13 months, Organic Search traffic has grown consistently month over month and as of June 2019 makes up 29% of the site’s overall traffic (Over 67k sessions).

Marketing Analytics and Dashboarding

Not only did the client need to produce digital marketing results — they also needed to measure and report them to internal stakeholders. To meet this need, Fox established a holistic marketing analytics strategy, which included Google Analytics deployment, Google Tag Manager installation & custom tag development, and Google Data Studio dashboard creation.

Covering each of the client’s internal business segments, as well as each primary marketing channel, we delivered a suite of analytics dashboards that tell the story of marketing success — in a realtime and self-service format. The client has access to each dashboard, and has positioned data and analytics at the center of their decision making process.

Additionally, the client now has a framework on which to build future analytics reports for marketing campaigns.

Paid Search & Display Advertising

Launching a new brand in the crowded automotive market is a daunting task — especially with a client whose direct competitors are established household names. To ensure marketing budgets were used most efficiently and target audiences were reached most effectively, the client engaged with Fox to develop a paid search and display advertising blitz.

The client had two primary goals for the first year after the brand launch:

  1. Build Brand Awareness
  2. Recruit Top Engineering Talent for campuses across the globe

The strategy built and executed by the Fox Consulting Group team included international search ad campaigns (including multiple translations of ad content and keyword groups), over 2 dozen unique industry focused ad groups — each displaying focused and relevant ad creative with corresponding landing pages, and highly targeted audience segmentation that ensured a majority of ad spend was directed toward individuals in the client’s ideal market segments.

To date, PPC marketing is the most consistent and reliable marketing channel for driving high volumes of the right traffic to key web content. It is also responsible for the highest number (and the highest % rate) of on-site conversions

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