Analytics Audit & Implementation for Healthcare Client

The Problem

A West Michigan healthcare provider had been using Google Analytics (GA) and Google Tag Manager (GTM) for 7+ years prior to our engagement, and over time, had developed a complex, ‘bolted together' GA and GTM environment. The issue came to a head when Google Tag Manager alerted the team that it had met its account limit and could no longer add new tags, triggers, or variables. Therefore, any new developments on the website could not be tagged properly.

The Solution

Following our SWIFT problem solving process, we started by adding structure to the problem at hand. We conducted a thorough audit of GTM and GA to assess the true state of the accounts. In doing so, we brought all of the complexities of the current state to the surface,  allowing us to identify patterns and potential solutions. 

Based on our findings, we developed a working hypothesis. In order to allow maximum scalability and ease account administration, the client would need to utilize a more robust strategy for tag management, while better consolidating analytics data under a more controlled Google Analytics property. 

After investigating this hypothesis by creating models, functional requirements, and real life scenarios, we presented the reorganized environment to the client and began implementation.

The final result of the engagement is a fully operational --and scalable -- tag management and analytics solution. Unlike its original state, the new environment not only exceeds the advanced tagging capabilities promised, but also provides a more intuitive and seamless experience for analysts and administrative users. This solution has enabled the client to make data-driven marketing decisions, and will continue to add value for years to come.

Client Industry: 
Client Size: 
$6.8 Billion
Client Employees: 
Tactics & Deliverables:
  • Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager audit
  • Holistic, cross-domain analytics ecosystem designed and implemented with Google Marketing Platform
  • Thorough functional design and training documentation provided to the client


What They're Saying

Fox’s work on re-architecting our tag management system has made our analytics work much more streamlined and efficient. Now we can now consume data in a more digestible way, which fuels a more effective marketing strategy.

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