Marketing Analytics 

Analytics and business intelligence are the lifeblood of any digital marketing effort. Not only does data provide the insight necessary to build the right campaigns for the right audiences, it also identifies which investments are working and which aren't. As budgets shrink, and performance outcomes are scrutinized, these real-time insights become a critical component for any marketing department.

Despite the common misperception, a mature marketing analytics program is more in-depth than simply placing tracking code on a website and measuring hits. From implementation to on-going analysis, your marketing analytics effort must be thoughtful, intentional and precise. 

Audit & Gap Analysis

We use an exhaustive auditing procedure to assess your existing analytics program. From implementation best practices to data consistency, this initial assessment paints a clear (and often ugly) picture of your analytics capabilities. Then, based on your business goals and objectives, we provide a gap analysis that outlines exactly what needs to be done to bring your analytics capabilities up to par.


Remember when your marketing intern placed Google Analytics code on your homepage and then disappeared two weeks later? That doesn't count as analytics implementation. Depending on the size and complexity of your web presence, analytics implementation can be a major undertaking, involving multiple systems and cross-functional team support.

At minimum, analytics implementation involves the proper installation and configuration of

  • Tag management program like Google Tag Manager
  • A primary analytics program like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics
  • A dashboarding solution like Data Studio, Tableau, Klipfolio or Domo
  • 3rd party data collection services like Hotjar, Crazy Egg, or Hubspot tracking.

Analysis & Dashboarding

Once the systems are installed and configured to capture the right data in the right ways, it takes an expert analyst to thoroughly review, digest and report on findings. Our approach to ongoing analysis starts with a rock-solid shared understanding of business goals and KPIs, and is designed to effectively communicate successes, failures and learnings.

Our analysis and dashboarding engagements are ongoing, and take the form of a weekly, monthly and/or quarterly reporting cadence, depending on your appetite for data insights.

Technical Support

Just like any other technology system, your analytics suite will require regular support to stay relevant and useful. We provide ongoing support engagements for analytics systems that include services like: 

  • Tag management -- Addition/removal/modification of analytics tags 
  • Data investigation -- Analysis and problem solving regarding data anomalies or inaccuracies.
  • Training and consultation -- Providing direction to your team regarding analytics decision making
  • Special reporting -- Crafting one-off reports for special requests

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