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Helping marketing leaders take control of their teams and make an exponentially greater impact on their organizations and industries.


We’re a team of digital marketing consultants with experience in both marketing and management who help clients figure out how to reliably and consistently level-up their marketing capabilities.

We’re passionate about helping marketers do their best work, and we bring an approach to problem-solving, process improvement, and strategy development that helps marketing teams tap into their highest potential.

If we do marketing, we can help a little; if we help marketers do their best, we can help well beyond our own reach.

Modern Marketing requires an insight and results-driven approach to digital marketing and channel strategy. Whether you’re an enterprise organization leveraging many available marketing channels, or a startup entrepreneur focusing on 1-2 select channels, being intentional and strategic about how you’re investing marketing resources (both time and money) is a key focus of modern marketing leadership.

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Modern Marketing hinges on effective team operations -- ensuring that talent and resources are aligned and activated appropriately. Companies simply cannot expect best-in-class marketing results while operating with outdated management principles.

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Modern Marketing has technology and digital experience at its core. Just like machinists and craftsmen ensure that they have the absolute best tools to produce their products, so too should marketers select and use technology products that allow them to execute best-in-class marketing.

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Our team

The Fox Consultant

You could say we’re cut from a different cloth
(if you were into cheesy cliches).

Fox Consultants  are not your run-of-the-mill digital marketing specialists —  rather, we are disciplined strategy-minded professionals who help marketing leaders and teams excel at the highest level.

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The social media playbook Fox developed has given our team a consistent set of guidelines we can follow with confidence, knowing the tactical recommendations we execute day-to-day are built on the foundation of a comprehensive social media strategy designed to help us achieve our unique goals.

Communications Director

A digital strategy has many complexities, Fox was able to break down specific operational areas into manageable buckets for us to get on the right path. From analytics to end-to-end digital execution, we are learning & growing so fast with Fox’s expertise on hand.

Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations
Identity Protection Services

With a growing digital team and presence in the market place, Fox came in and helped develop operational flows and built out our marketing campaign dashboards. Their insights and recommendations were top notch as we built a foundation very quickly to track our marketing performance. We went from basic excel/GA reports to full blown visual dashboards. Very impressive work!

Marketing Operations Manager
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